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We all know someone with epilepsy and if not, is because they dare to tell us!

Help us change a life, sponsor the treatment of one of our patients !

Humana is a nonprofit organization formed by professionals in Neuroscience, Parents and altruistic people who work for the benefit of patients with epilepsy.


In 2006 Humana performed the first surgery of epilepsy with successful results under this experience and in order that each patient be treated holistically, for effective and even cure his epilepsy control, Epilepsy Center was established Humana and Functional Neurosurgery.

Humana is the only specialized center in Guatemala conducting an ongoing program of comprehensive care for Epilepsy and formally established a service Epilepsy Surgery, which has a specific study protocol and addressed to each patient, other care neurological, functional neurosurgery, spina bifida and minimally invasive procedures.


Since January 2011, with the support of the Congress of the Republic and the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, HUMAN provides care to patients referred from the National Hospital Network and poor who come to our facilities in search of opportunity to change your life or just start it.

This program makes it possible and affordable Integral epilepsy care to poor people in Guatemala.


Aware of the problem of epilepsy, we made our the cause of the approximately 350,000 patients with epilepsy in Guatemala, trying to improve their quality of life through the provision of a multidisciplinary reference center specialized BRAIN SURGERY control the disease.